250 Lumen Blackfire Rechargeable Worklight

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Have you ever tried to get your worklight aimed exactly where you need light to actually do a task? Most Worklights have a hook or maybe a magnet that just doesn't perform well. Finally a worklight that does just what is needed for every job. It clamps to objects and then the light head pivots left and right and then rotationally to get light where you need it. Ever try using a regular worklight on a ladder ? - this is the solution to that problem.
When there is nothing to clamp too the Worklight stands freely. It also has a fold out hook if you still need to hang it somewhere. Blackfire® Rechargeable Worklight - like no other light in the world.

Brilliant White LED

Blackfire® CLAMPLIGHT uses a 27bright white LED Up to 150 lumens on max brightness for 5 hours 50 lumens on low setting for 6- 8 hours


Uses the finest rechargeable technology - internal lithium polymer rechargeable batteries using both a micro USB port with a standard charger as well as a 12 volt auto charger included. Single LED blinks red when in need of charge - blinks green when charging and stops blinking when fully charged.


Blackfire® Rechargeable Worklight clamps virtually anywhere for hands free usage. Two axis swivel head directs light to any position. Fold out stainless hanging hook. Clamp converts to a stand light by pressing clamp and engaging the sliding lock feature. Non skid feet swivel down for stability.

Sturdy Construction

Blackfire® Rechargeable Worklight is molded in high impact ABS plastic for use in tough work environments and TPR foot pads for grip and to prevent scratching of delicate surfaces being clamped to. A strong spring clamps securely to shelves, 2x4's, ladders, tool boxes, workbench or picnic table and much more.


This will be the last flashlight that you will ever need to purchase. We are so excited to have Blackfire as one of our retail partners. As an introductory offer ppurchase any Blackfire Clamplight and the Clamplight Mini and get $5.00 off. Please allow 14 days for arrival