NBA New York Knicks Comforter Sidelines Basketball Bedding

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Twin Size Contains: One twin bed size comforter measuring 66 x 86 inches (167 cm x 218 cm). Queen Size Contains: One full-queen bed size comforter measuring 86 x 86 inches (218 cm 218 cm). King Size Contains: One king bed size comforter measuring 104 x 90 inches (264.2 x 228.6 cm). Coordinating bedding and room decor sold separately. Comforter Washing Instructions: Only wash in a High Capacity front-loading washing machine using the gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Do not wash on a heavy cycle, in a washing machine with an agitator, or dry with high heat. A washer with an agitator will damage the comforter. High heat will cause the polyester jersey material and/or logo to melt.