Sunpentown Home Indoor Kitchen 3/8"" Cooling Kit With 24 Nozzles 50-ft Hose With 19 2-Ft Segments

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Cool off your outdoor living area with this Do-It-Yourself Misting Kit. This high quality system comes complete with 24 brass nozzles that deliver a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist, which can cool the ambient temperature up to 25 degree F. Contents: 3/8"" Hose (50-foot) x 1. 3/8"" Hose (2-foot segments) x 19. Premium Brass Nozzles and O rings x 24. Nozzle Plugs and O rings x 4. 3/8"" Misting Tees x 20. 3/8"" Misting Elbows x 4. 3/8"" Compression Tees x 4. 3/8"" Compression Elbows x 4. 3/8"" Compression Couplers x 4. 3/4"" Hose Thd x 3/8"" Adapter x 1. 3/8"" Wood Mounting Clamps x 50. Poly-Phosphate Filter x 1. 3/4"" Y-Connector x 1"". Warranty: One-year parts and labor warranty. Customer must pay all repair and freight charges after warranty period. Warranty applies to residents of the United States only.
  • Premium brass nozzles that are rust free and more resistant to calcium deposits. High quality uv-resistant material. Country of origin: USA.
  • Cools patios, play and pet areas. Clears airborne particles and repels flying insects.
  • Reduces temperature up to 25 degree F. Connects to your standard faucet/spigot.
  • Easy to install. Fully expandable. Helps humidify during the dry season.
  • Box Dimensions: 17""Lx13""Wx5""H. Weight: 4lbs.
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