Water Absorption Towels Cotton Thicken Horse Tea Towels Tea Accessory-Coffee

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Ships from Hong Kong. The tea towel is necessity for drinking tea. Keep clean and tidy for you. You usually need three tea towels. One is dry tea towel, should be put in front of the guests to help wipe the water stains of table or the cup's bottom. One is half wet tea towel, should be put on the master'side to wipe the tea table or the overflow water from tea set. The another one is wet towel, is used to wipe the tea set which has cleaned. Size: 30 cm x 40 cm(11.81 x 15.75 inch) Material: cotton With strong cleaning function. No smell and keep dry to protect the tea set and tea accessories. With high water absorbability. Good comfort, feel soft, not wool Keep tidy and clean all the time. Show your personal host charming and give you a enjoyable experience.